About Me

Hi, my name is Sonja... Sonja with a "J".

I am 36 something, mom to Jake and Finn, and wife to Scot.

I moved here from Germany in 1998. I came here as an Aupair... fell in love with Cincinnati, the family I worked for and then later with my now husband.

I always loved photography... I got my first little film camera from my Nana at about the age of 8. I did "portrait" type of sessions with friends at about 12. I later studied Audio/ Video Productions (Communications) and then Marketing. I really became serious about photography when my oldest was born and I wanted to capture every moment. Soon friends and family asked me to photograph their children... and so it began.

I love to read, travel and kayak. I love everything vintage, love to ride bikes with my boys, love to go to the movies with my husband. I think of myself as easy going, flexible and fun loving person.

Please, snoop around my website, email me any questions you have or leave a comment on my blog!

I love hearing from you!