Where do sessions take place?
Session locations vary from family to family. Popular choices include local parks such as Alms Park, Eden Park, East Fork Lake. I try to stay away from parks that attract lots of other photographers. I have done session in a Laundromat, ice cream parlor or even in a downtown alley. I love doing sessions in your backyard or on your street. Newborn sessions I typically do in your home, or in my home studio. Please ask me for a location suggestion guide if you want more ideas on where to do your session.

What is your weather policy? I will not cancel or reschedule a session due to weather until the morning of the session. We all know that Cincinnati weather is unpredictable and the weather forecast is never 100% correct. Rain in the forecast on the day of your session? We have a very good chance that there is a window of no rain for an hour. I also always have my studio available for a back up.

How long does a session last?
Most sessions last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, some I only need 30 minutes. I usually leave when I have the shots that I need. Newborn sessions can last 3-4 hours.

What time should we do our session?
My favorite time to shoot is the Golden Hour. The last hour before sunset! But of course we can shoot anytime that works best for you.

How many pictures can I expect in my gallery?
It depends on the type of session you have, how many children, how cooperative your children are, etc. But I do guarantee a minimum of 40 images.

Do you charge a deposit?
Yes, a $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking.

How long will my gallery stay open?
One week.

When can I view my pictures?
Your images will be available in about 2 weeks. I usually put a sneak peak up on my Facebook page a day or two after your session. So, keep checking on my page.

When will my order be ready?
Most orders are available within 2 weeks after you place your order.

What should we wear for our session?
Comfort is key. You will want to dress in simple clothing. Please don't try to match too much. All white shirts and jeans are a big no no. Try solid colors, accessories and be yourself. Stay away from busy patterns and logos.
Newborns are best photographed in their birthday suit.

When should my newborn or maternity session be scheduled?
Newborns should be photographed within their first 10 days of life. Let me know your due date at the time of booking and we will plan accordingly.
Maternity sessions typically are best early in the 8th month of pregnancy.

Do you offer retouching services?
Absolutely! Cuts, scraped knees, and bruises are easily taken care of. This is a complimentary service which is done at no extra cost to my clients.