Roman's First Haircut

My favorite part of my job (and I know I said that a bunch before, but hey I do LOVE my job) is that I get to be sometimes part of "first " events... first birthday, first communion.... But, I think photographing Roman's 1st Haircut might be one of my favorite firsts! I photographed Roman's birth and many sessions in between, next year I will be photographing his parents wedding and in the middle of all that they asked me if I could photograph his first haircut.

And I may or may not have shed a tear (or two) when that first cut was made! Love this boy fierce and his family!

Event Photography Session in Cincinnati OH | Kate's Birthday Bash

Kate celebrated her Birthday at Brommwell's Haerth Lounge with an amazing masquerade. Everything was pulled together just perfectly from the decotarions, to the Jazz band, to the masks, to the food! I was honored she chose me as her event photographer to capture this important event in her life.

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