Day 1 McGill's Go Up North - Cincinnati to London, Ontario

The start of our 12 day Road Trip up North taking us to London, Ontario, Battersea, Quebec, Les Bergeronnes, Saranac Lakes, Lake Placid & Bufallo.

Day one! We packed up the car, ran a few last minute errands, said good-bye to Penny our dog and left around noon to head to Oma's house near London Ontario.

On the way we stopped in Lima, Ohio at the Kewpee Hamburger Place. It was so so good! The best hamburgers I had since In-Out-Burgers. I have to say though the doll is a little creepy haha

Fun Fact: on the way we saw Colonel Sanders driving in the car next to us. I didn't have my camera ready and he was driving soooo slow. It was pretty awesome though and probably the highlight of our first day!

Instead of crossing into Canada in Port Huron of the Bluewater Bridge we have been taking lately the ferry in Marine City. It shaves about 15 minutes off our trip and we never have to wait at the border. Plus it's so much more fun riding the ferry. I can never get over how BLUE the Bluewater River is!

Arrived at Oma's house and she had this beautiful cake for me. A little belated birthday surprise! It was even more delicious than it looks! We ate so much cake that we only had a very small dinner much later! 

Scot and the boys played a few hours in the backyard and then we all went to watch the storm roll in. The lightening was perfect and so I had to snap a few pictures of Scot too.

Unfortunately the storm also knocked the power out and so we spend the rest of the evening playing board games from my childhood by candle light. We had a very mean round of Mensch-Aergere-Dich-Nicht going!

Went to bed with the power still out and excited for the next day!