Day 10 McGill's Go Up North - Saranac Lake, Adirondacks

Day 10 we woke up to perfect weather! Sunshine but still very comfortable temps (I think the high was about 85 that day). I love peaking out of the tent in the morning when everything is quiet and still.

Our tent is a 4 person tent and surprisingly pretty roomy (for our standards). The boys each sleep on a side. Scot and I, in the middle and Finn always on my side. Our bags are at the bottom of Finns feet. Finn is pretty bad about sleeping IN his sleeping bag. I have to repeatably check on him and make sure he is warm enough and stuff him back in his sleeping bag.

We didn't bring a cooler with us to the campsite. It was just too big to take in the kayak and really the only thing we needed to keep cool would have been milk. Scot and I learned to drink our coffee black and we actually liked it. Not enough to drink it always black, but we know now that we can survive with black coffee.

Again, we had to get creative with our daily numbers... here is Finn helping me out with the 10!

Today was a bit of a sad day, we were leaving our amazing campsite. We were all a little sad as we could have stayed here for another few days! Before we packed up we took a family picture.

The kids did a great job helping us pack up and we actually had to leave them behind at the campsite to do one kayak trip without them. It was just easier to get everything back to the car. But no worries they were absolutely fine and ended up enjoying the freedom they had for 30 minutes.

One last picture before we left the campsite! We had to be off by 11am, which made it a little hectic morning.

Even though we had to leave the campsite at 11am, we still had the kayaks till 1pm. The boys decided that they would kayak alone together. I knew it wasn't going to work out but let them try anyways.

It kinda went like this... 20 paddle strokes, 2 minutes break, 10 paddle strokes, 5 minute break, 5 paddle strokes, 10 minute break... you are getting the point! We didn't get far! We switched kayaks and paddled for a little bit longer.

Once back at the car, we took the time to really clean the car out and organize our camping equipment since we won't be needing it anymore. We threw away a bunch of old food, organized clean and dirty clothes. The timing was perfect as soon as we finished the car, the kayaking rental company was already there to pick up the kayaks.

We drove to our next destination and our shortest drive on the trip... 20 minutes to Lake Placid. We found our hotel and checked in and left soon again to explore Lake Placid.

Our first stop was the 1980 Olympic Ice Hockey rink. The hockey rink where the Miracle on Ice took place. It was pretty cool walking around there and you could feel the energy in this place. Even the boys thought it was pretty amazing and like always had 1000 questions for us.

After vising the hockey rink we decided to take a scenic drive. We drove over a bridge and saw a few people swimming in the river below us. We stopped and checked it out, only to discover one of the greatest swimming holes we have come across. It was pretty amazing. Two waterfalls, a deep swimming hole and a cliff to jump off. The boys were in heaven! I think this might have been their highlight of the trip!

Of course Finn, didn't take much prompting and he jumped from the cliff, which was about 30 feet high. Later Jake and then Scot jumped off as well. Just for the record, I didn't jump... A that's not really my thing anyways but B I was pretty accident prone on this trip anyways and really didn't want to test it.

We hang out for a really long time and only left when is was starting to get dark. We stopped in Lake Placid to get a eat pizza to eat at the hotel. The pizza was amazing and we all went to bed happy and full! This was our last big day on the trip. We are heading back home...