J + J wedding - Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

Enjoy this fun little Q&A with the Bride and Groom from my last wedding. It was an absolute treat to photograph this gorgeous wedding at Gorman Heritage Farm in Evendale, Ohio.


How did you meet?

Our story is full of ridiculous adventures, risks, laughter, and faith that it was just gonna work out. We first crossed paths at Camp Luther in 1999 off the shores of Lake Erie. We probably sang the same songs and played the same games but little is remembered! We officially met in the summer of 2011, at that same camp, but this time as staff members. Our friendship began in the garden with great conversation about anything from our favorite bands to plant varieties...only to grow from there.

Tell me about the proposal.

In July 2015, we took a trip up to the northeast and hiked all around Acadia and the White Mountains. After a long day of hiking, Jacob suggested one more sunset hike near the campground. We arrived at the top of a small mountain, surrounded by colorful skies and more mountains. The two of us were reflecting on our trip when Jacob started fidgeting with our hiking backpack and pulled out a beautiful wooden box. It was then that Jacob proposed and we started this journey! Glad we decided to go on one last hike :)

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

We both agree that our favorite part of the wedding day was when we walked through the crowd during our reception entrance. The rest of the  bridal party walked around the tent to get up front but we decided, last minute, to walk through the middle getting hugs, high fives, and feeling lots of love!

Funniest memory of your wedding day?

We had a photo booth next to the dance floor and tons of costumes available for our guests to take pictures in. As soon as the guests found the costumes, they spread to the dance floor! Everyone looked hilarious and happy groovin' around in Jacob's childhood hats and get up. 

Would you change anything about the day?

The entire weekend was a perfect celebration and exactly how we envisioned it! The only thing we would have done differently was taken a moment to step back and process the events unfolding right in front of our eyes. It was magical!

What was your favorite wedding detail?

Honestly, there were so many details that were fine crafted by both friends and family. It was a special thing to know that the archway we stood under was handmade by an extremely talented friend, the beer was brewed by Jacob's brother, the dinner plates were collected from thrifts by Jacquelyn's aunt and uncle...the list goes on and on. We really leaned on friends and family to make this thing come together and are so fortunate to have such a loving community behind us!


Jacob and I were so lucky to have found you. Your energy + artistic eye was and is very much appreciated. We are so excited to see the final product! Thank you for being flexible with our schedule and open to our ideas! We know our families are huge but you did a great job directing the crowd! You truly are amazing.

Best, Jacquelyn & Jacob"