Stories from India - Seen from the Bus - Travel Photography

A lot of what I saw from India was from an air conditioned bus... I was a little bit disappointment at first but realized quickly that this was the trip I signed up for and that I will just have to come back to explore India a little more without a large group.

We traveled quiet a bit back and forth in a travelers bus. Most days it was just a 30 minute drive but on two different days we drove to Diamond Harbor and the 27 mile drive took us almost 3 hours!

A very long time in the bus to do some serious people watching.

Interesting enough is that I get really motion sick at home and I was pretty worried about that. Luckily I didn't have any problems! Surprising, considering the conditions of the road and the driving behaviors. But maybe the people watching kept me occupied. Who knows?

So, here we go... a few pictures taken from the bus.


Second picture down: The younger boy in the middle, waved to me to take his picture and totally posed for the camera.

Second picture down: sugar cane juice cart. I really wanted to try it but i was to worried about getting sick.

Picture above: moms going shopping and little boy pointing to the sugar cane cart.

Picture below: very typical in Kolkata... every phone pole looks like this.

Picture above: THIS is how you buy your meat. A little stall on the side of the road, you let them know what part of the animal you want and they cut it up right there for you. BTW the butcher is the one with the brown tank top.

I hope you enjoyed these! Which one is your favorite?