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One of the projects we had going at Freeset (see my previous post about Freeset) was to paint Shannon's apartment. (Hi Shannon!). Shannon is from Cincinnati and is living in Kolkata working at Freeset. I took the job of painting the shutters from the outside, mainly so i could see what's going on in the street below me.

Lot's of people walking around, kids playing, motor cycles driving through and honking but here are my top two favorite happenings:

1. a mother dropped of her (very) young children off. She left them to play in a little cart and was gone for at least an hour while the kids played. She may have just been inside the house. But for at least an hour no one was supervising this little ones and they played happily with A stick in this cart together.

2. a kitten was meowing and meowing. This went on for a while whenall of sudden a neighbor upstairs opened his door, yelled something in Bengali and threw out a grocery bag with scraps out. The bag landed right in front of the kitten and she had a feast! That stopped the meowing


I took a little video with my go pro. Nothing that exciting but I thought you might like it! You can see the children playing in the cart if you look closely.