Location, Location, Location....

We all know that location is everything… in photography this is no different. The location sets the tone of your session. Do you want a session in an urban setting, your cozy home, a favorite park or the place you and your husband first met?

Over the years I have photographed at many, many different locations. I do have favorites and not so favorites. I love finding new locations or when clients suggest a new place. I love photographing in your home (if the natural light is right) or in a place that has special meaning to you and your family.

But as much as location is important, I can also make a patch of green by the side of the road look great IF the lighting is right!

But for now, I am going to list a bunch of locations for you to choose from. Please keep in mind this is just a suggestion… there are tons of other places and I actually love if you find your own special place.

Ault Park

this is a great spot and has so many photo opportunities, the only draw back is that because it is so popular it attracts a lot of photographers.

Washington Park + OTR

Washington Park has so much to offer and makes a perfect backdrop for your photos. You have Music Hall, the fountains, the pavilion, lots and lots of photo ops in OTR and afterwards we can let your kids play on the playground.

Your Home or Backyard

As long as you have good natural light in your home (or even just a few rooms), your home is my absolute favorite location. Kids seem to be much more relaxed and have so much fun showing me their rooms and special toys. The whole session can sometimes feel like a play date… haha

Devou Park

I found this grassy, and secluded little patch of grass in Devou Park. This spot makes it perfect if you are looking for that high grass look in your photographs.

Smale Park

This location is a lot of fun, but sometimes to much fun and can distract kids with all the playground equipment. Lots of people, but the park is also big enough to move out of the way. All around a great park to photograph and in the heart of Cincinnati.

Johnson Hill

Johnson Hill is located in Anderson Twsp., on the east side of Cincinnati. Its a beautiful, very quiet park and the sun sets perfectly behind the trees.


Covington is great, as it has lots of different options in just one block radius. You have cobblestone roads, little alley ways, iron fences, flowers and the Cincinnati skyline.

My Studio

My studio is located at 2530 Spring Grove Ave, near Union Terminal. It has tons of natural light, backdrops, props and a really cool warehouse feeling.

Your favorite park, creek, meadow etc…

This family invited me to come hang out at their favorite creek. We took the kids for a short hike and bush whacked our way to the creek. It was so much fun and we got tons of natural smiles.

I hope this list helps you a bit… just let me know what you are looking for, where you live and how far you are willing to travel… and I will help you find the perfect location for our session.

Adela - a Outdoor Newborn Session - Cincinnati Newborn Photographer

When Adela's Mom came to me and asked if I could photograph her newborn outside, I was all for it. The only reason I was a bit hesitant was that I knew to capture great lighting we would have to meet at 7am!!! I wasn't sure if new parents would go for that but to my surprise mom was all for it! And wow what a difference it makes to meet early enough for the lighting to be this good!

Adela did amazing! We started with a few posed images by herself but once she was awake we switched to family pictures.

One of my favorite Newborn sessions ever!

To book your Newborn session (indoor or outdoors) please contact me sonja.mcgill@yahoo.com to set up your customized photography session. Sonja B Photography specializes in Newborn and Family Photography in the Greater Cincinnati area. My photography studio is located at 2530 Spring Grove Ave.