Judah - Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

I love lifestyle newborn sessions. It just a natural type of session… The flow is very natural. You snuggle the baby, feed the baby, more baby snuggles and on repeat! Judah did a great job doing all the above!


To book your lifestyle newborn session contact me at sonja.mcgill@yahoo.com. I specialize in Newborn and Family Photography and work out of the Greater Cincinnati area. My studio is located at 2530 Spring Grove Ave.

Bella & Zackary - Cincinnati Child Photographer

Let's start of with HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE TWO??? OMG those little Hanna Anderson deer hoodies are so cute!

And usually Bella is the shy one but she really came out of her shell for this session and it was adorable to watch her personality shine!

That 4th picture from the top is my favorite! And yours?

And of course the whole session wasn't about the Hanna Anderson hoodies but we also added Family pictures to the mix!

If you are looking to book your Family session with me please contact me through my website www.sonjabphotography.com or email me directly at sonja.mcgill@yahoo.com.

I am looking forward hearing from you.